Château de Thoiry

We play in the gardens of the chateau and have done since 1990. We are more than grateful to the Count and Countess de La Panouse who have invited us to do so.

The Count de La Panouse’s family have lived in the chateau for thirteen generations.


Built during the renaissance (1559-1564), the chateau was built to be the centre piece of a giant solar calendar. At the summer and winter solstices the sun rises and sets exactly in the axis of the central hallway. Richly decorated with antique furniture, paintings and tapestries, this beautiful monument is still very much a family home. Paul, Count de La Panouse, the current owner, created the Thoiry Zoological Park in the 1960s.

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The zoo and safari park are open every day of the week, including public holidays. Your entry ticket includes all the keeper animations, the drive-through safari, the zoological gardens, the maze, the children’s playground, the ‘world farm’, the chateau and the historic gardens.


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